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2010학년도 1학기 컴퓨터 네트워크 특강(대학원)


컴퓨터네트워크의 고급 이론을 습득하고 새로운 네트워크, 프로토콜, 서비스를 학습한다. 관련 논문과 표준문서(RFC)를 읽어 이론적 근거와 프로토콜의 상세 내용일 파악하고, networking이 어떻게 이루어지는지를 이해함으로써 새로운 프로토콜의 설계 및 구현 능력을 배양한다.


  • Sameer S and M. Ajaykumar V, TCP/IP Architecture, Design, and Implementation in Linux, Wiley and IEEE, 2008.
  • Larry L. Peterson and Bruce S.Davie, Computer Networks - A Systems Approach, Morgan Kaufmann, 4th Ed., 2007.
  • Douglas E. Comer, Internetworking with TCP/IP, Vol I and II, Prentice Hall, 2000.
  • Klaus Wehrle, et. al, The LINUX Networking Arcitecture, Pearson Education, 2005.

Lecture Notes

  • File:AdvIntPro.pdf
  • Multicasting
  • Inter-Domain Multicast
  • Multicast CC
  • Multicast Transmission of Scalable Video using Receiver-driven Hierarchical FEC
  • 3GPP and IMS
  • ENUM and VoIP Peering

Seminar List(Categorized)

Congestion Control

Multicast Congestion Control

  • [RLM] S. McCanne, V. Jacobson, and M. Vetterli. Receiver-driven layered multicast. In Proc. ACM SIGCOMM, pages 117–130, Stanford, CA, August 1996.
    • 3/31 김수진 [Presentation]
  • [RLC] L. Vicisano, L. Rizzo, and J. Crowcroft. TCP-like congestion control for layered multicast data transfer. In Proc. IEEE INFOCOM, volume 3, pages 996–1003, San Francisco, CA, March–April 1998.
    • 3/31 장호영 [Presentation]
  • [FLID-DL] J. Byers, M. Frumin, G. Horn, M. Luby, M. Mitzenmacher, A. Roetter, and W. Shaver. FLID-DL: Congestion control for layered multicast. In Proc. 2nd Int. Workshop Netw. Group Comm., pages 71–81, Stanford, CA, November 2000.
    • 3/31 이평재 [Presentation]
  • [WEBRC] Michael Luby, Vivek K Goyal, Simon Skaria, Gavin B. Horn, “Wave and Equation Based Rate Control Using Multicast Round Trip Time,” SIGCOMM’02, August 1,2002.
    • 3/31 박수현 [Presentation]
  • [TFMCC] J. Widmer and M. Handley. Extending equation-based congestion control to multicast applications. In Proc. ACM SIGCOMM, San Diego, CA, August 2001.
    • 3/31 안홍범 [Presentation]
  • Gian Donato Colussi, Equation-Based Layered Multicast Congestion Control, MS Thesis, University of Helsinki, 2004.

Reliable Multicast Transport Protocols

  • RFC 3450, Asynchronous Layered Coding (ALC) Protocol Instantiation, 2002.12.
    • 4/13 최화영 [Presentation]
  • RFC 5651, Layered Coding Transport (LCT) Building Block, 2009. 10.
    • 4/7 안홍범 [Presentation]
  • RFC 5052, Forward Error Correction (FEC) Building Block, 2007. 8.
    • 4/13 김은희 [Presentation]
  • RFC 3453, The Use of Forward Error Correction (FEC) in Reliable Multicast, 2002. 12
  • RFC 3738, Wave and Equation Based Rate Control (WEBRC) Building Block, 2004. 4.
  • RFC 4654, TCP-Friendly Multicast Congestion Control (TFMCC): Protocol Specification, 2006.8

Video Multicast

Multicasting over Wireless Networks